Brice’s Creek Canoe Trails

The Saltwater Adventure Trail includes Brice’s Creek and is unique in that it is the only national forest saltwater trail in the nation. It is a water-based trail that displays the unique ecosystems and history of the eastern coastal tidelands. The trip provides visits to several points of interest, is suitable for novices, and can take as long as seven days. The route is approximately 100 miles long and nearly circumvents the Croatan National Forest. Recreational opportunities are numerous. The focus of this trail is adventure, exploration, accessibility and a unique setting. Many of the features along the trail can also be accessed by car.

Directions: Travel south of New Bern on US 70 East. Go over the Trent River Bridge about 1.5 miles. Turn right at the first craven Regional Airport sign and turn left onto SR 1004 (Madam Moore’s Lane). Go 1.7 miles, then turn left on SR 1143 (Perrytown Road). Go 1.5 miles, turn left at the Brice’s Creek sign and go 1 mile on dirt road. The canoe trail begins and ends at the boat ramp. A Brice’s Creek brochure can be obtained at the Croatan District Office, New Bern, NC (252) 638-5628.